On Wednesday, July 15, Joseba Zulaika took part, alongside writer and professor Laura Mintegi, in the presentation of a list of a list of prominent American scholars and public figures who support the freeing of Basque nationalist leader Arnaldo Otegi from prison as a means to encouraging the ongoing Basque peace process.


CBS Faculty Member Joseba Zulaika

As well as Zulaika, the list of figures asking for Otegi’s release also includes CBS Emeritus Faculty Member William A. Douglass, together with Angela Davis, Alice Walker, Noam Chomsky, William Ramsey Clark, Peter Coyote, Mike Farrell, Cornel Ronald West, Haskell Wexler, Mark Kurlansky, Dave Boling, Rosalinda Guillen, Cindy Lee Miller Sheehan, Jeffrey St. Clair, William (Bill) Gerald Fletcher, Jr., Eva Golinger, James Petras, Rick Halperin, Jihad Abdulmumit, Peter Bohmer, John Catalinotto, Dr. James D. Cockcroft, Sara Flounders, Nozomi Ikuta, Matt Meyer, David H. Price, and Simona Sharoni.

The event was reported in Gara (in Spanish) here, in Berria (in Basque) here, and in Mediabask (in French) here.

For more information on the campaign, including a full list of global figures who endorse it, click here.