The Spanish-language version of That Old Bilbao Moon: The Passion and Resurrection of a City by Joseba Zulaika, titled Vieja luna de Bilbao. Crónicas de mi generación (Donostia-San Sebastián: Nerea, 2014) is reviewed by Jexux Larrañaga Arriola in the latest edition of Uztaro (no. 93, April-June, pages 115-20), a journal specializing in the human and social sciences.

Vieja luna de Bilbao

For Larrañaga, the book represents an attempt on the part of the author to reclaim the ideal world he dreamed about in his youth through new ways of thinking about the events of that time. In fact, he suggests, Zulaika revisits the idealism of his youth with a new kind of realism and that highly subjective sense of recovery allows him to make some kind of sense of his past failures.

This starting point actually constitutes, in Larrañaga’s opinion, the subjective sense of a whole generation’s failures, and it is out of this very acknowledgement of failure (whether personal or collective) that, by the end of the work, Zulaika salvages the promise of the future in his vision of the “new city.”

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