December 10: Joseba Zulaika’s Euskadi Prize-winning Vieja luna de Bilbao. Crónicas de mi generación  was reviewed by Mercè Ibarz for the Catalonia edition of El País.

Vieja luna de Bilbao

Ibarz underscores the work’s expressive and compositional freedom. “It is a book, she continues, “of memories and at the same time an urban psycho-geography of the sustained collective longing to change life and transform the city that reads like a novel; an essay constructed from all kinds of materials from intrahistory and from culture, the highest and the lowest; a story that gives voice to hundreds of Bilbao people that Zulaika has interviewed over twenty years as both ethnographer and the observer-participant he is in all this.”

See the full review (in Spanish) here.

And check out the English version of the book, That Old Bilbao Moon: The Passion and Resurrection of a City.