What’s in a Song? Negua joan da ta

“Negua joan da ta” (Because winter’s gone) is a song on the 2010 album Era by the Bilbao band Zea Mays.

An accompanying video was made, featuring educational psychologist Ainhoa Moiua interpreting the song in sign-language. And this simple but moving video helped transform an already arresting song into somewhat of an internet sensation, certainly bearing mind that it’s in Basque. It reached number 1 at Myspace during the first two months after its release, and subsequently enjoyed more than 600,000 views on YouTube. Check out this great song and wonderful video here:

See the lyrics here (with the usual apologies for my own translation!):

negua joan da ta

As the lyrics suggest, this is a song about hope and looking toward the future via the metaphor of the winter snows receding to herald the oncoming of spring; in short, a feel-good, positive tune.

And here’s another version of the song, performed live (it’s so good, why not watch and listen a second time?):

If you’re interested in Basque popular music, check out Basque Songwriting: Pop, Rock, Folk, by Jon Eskisabel Urtuzaga. It’s available free to download here, courtesy of the Etxepare Basque Institute.






  1. AWESOME! thank you so much, would you be able to do the same for the song “Erria Txikota”?

  2. Well, great. ZEA Mays “Negua joan da ta”nice song. Thank you very much.

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