J. J. Altube.

J. J. Altube. One from the archive 🙂 

Hello and happy post Easter to all of our readers. Some of you may have encountered some technical difficulties getting to our posts lately. We are trying to work with the University IT Department to resolve any issues, and we will very soon, but please be patient with us and check back!!! We love bringing you news and stories from the Center, the press, and Basque culture in general, so we will continue to work to resolve the issues.

If you try to access our blog and it is down, I would really appreciate it if you would let us know! Either my personal email, dmontero@unr.edu, or the general Center email basque@unr.edu would work, or just leave a comment when it’s back up and running! We have readers all over the world, so it would be really helpful to know the what, when and how of the errors that have been happening.

Hopefully this issue will be over soon and we’ll just get back to sharing.