It is never too late to travel to the melodies of the Basque Country. When the  lyrics of the Old Country invade your brain…just click on  “Area 33 1/3: Digitized Vinyl from the University of Nevada, Reno,” an eclectic selection of LP tracks converted for streaming from the Library website. In this collection there are sixteen digitized vinyl recordings by Basque groups:

– Euskal Herri Dantzak


– Errobi. Gure lekukotasuna

– Elgarrekin

– Mai Larralde Etxemendi

– Badok hamahiru:13


The physical albums, stored in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, were selected for digitization by the UNR Music Faculty. The albums represented in this collection were chosen for their uniqueness, availability, and diversity.

Entzun eta gozatu!

Photos courtesy of the Knowledge Center UNR.