The Center for Basque Studies is hosting a special lecture on the Basque Tax system. The guest speaker is Mrs. Gemma Martínez Bárbara,  a graduate in law with a postgraduate degree in taxation. She works as a tenured official (1991) for the Government of Bizkaia. She has been Head of the Tax Policy Unit of the Foral Treasury in the Government of Bizkaia since 1999. She is in charge of tax reform legislative projects to be proposed to the Bizkaia General Assemblies (the provincial parliament of Bizkaia). She gives taxation expertise support to the Tax Coordination Body of Euskadi and is a representative of the Basque Institutions in the D–5 Working Group on the Code of Conduct and on the CCCTB, dependent on ECOFIN, in Brussels. She collaborates as a professor with the University of Deusto and the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao in graduate programs and with the University of the Basque Country as a lecturer in seminars on tax issues. She is an active writer in several journals dealing with fiscal and European Law matters (European Taxation, Aranzadi, Fitax, and so on). She is a permanent collaborator with the Ad Concordiam Association for the Promotion and Difussion of the Fiscal Pact (the agreement by which fiscal relations between Basque Autonomous Community and the Spanish state are regulated). In 2013, she was the winner of the Leizaola Award for her research on Tax Synchronization and Basque legislative powers.