Bikandi and kukai

Members of Kukai and Sabin Bikandi (right, wearing txapela)

CBS author Sabin Bikandi, founding member of Aiko Taldea, a group of qualified and experienced professional music and dance masters united in sharing and promoting Basque dance and music, was honored, May 18, at the 2015 Max Performing Arts Awards for best musical composition for a stage show for the score of Gelajauziak. This is the latest work performed by the Kukai Dance Company, which was also won the award for best group and which visited the Center in 2004, performing 1937: Gogoaren bidezidorretatik (1937: Journeys down memory lane). The CBS feels, then, especially proud to wish both Sabin and Kukai a well-deserved zorionak!

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Sabin is the author of Alejandro Aldekoa: Master of Pipe and Tabor Dance Music in the Basque Country, described by one reviewer as, “a tour de force that seems destined to become a—if not the—definitive work on the subject and is essential reading for anyone interested in three-hole pipe music, or Iberian folk music and dance at large.”

And Aiko Taldea also teamed up with the Center to publish Urraska: A New Interpretation of the Basque Jauziak Dances as Interpreted by Sagaseta. This is a complete guide to the  jauziak, mutxikoak, or sauts basques circular dances that includes a book in Basque and English, 2 CDs, a DVD of dance performances, a guide to the dance steps for performing the jauziak dances, and PDF copies of the text in Spanish and French.