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Craft’s love for Txakoli

It’s that time again!  If you are in the Reno area (or feel the need for an adventure to the “Biggest Little City”) this month, Ty and his gang at Craft Wine and Beer are putting together quite the Basque gastronomic experience.  I have learned over here in Euskal Herria that tasting is enhanced when able to simultaneously embrace multiple components of the Basque Culture, so check out the shindig Ty Martin has organized this month to eat, dance, and celebrate one of my favorite wines and the land from which it “stems,” the culture in which it is “rooted” ( bad wine jokes anyone?).

Check out Ty’s announcement as seen in his newsletter:

Next, Txakolina. It slipped out of our normal comfort zone last year but we’re back on track this season. As you can see from the photo that greeted you at the top of this missive we’re loaded for bear. We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve, including smoked chorizo from Villa Basque Deli, cidre’ on tap, and if we’re lucky, a few dancers from the Zazpiak Bat dance club. We’ll also be celebrating some May birthdays so if you want to toast some fantastic wine and shake a leg come on down on Sunday,

May 21st from 2p-6p. Flights, glasses, and food will be available.


It appears the three provinces of the Basque Autonomous Community are represented well here, and the warmer weather is the perfect time for indulging in this juice..so hit up Craft, drink txakoli, dance and be merry!



Txakoli Fest at Craft, Reno

Get ready for Txakolina!  Txakoli Fest will be celebrated May 2nd, 2-6 at Craft.  Here is a schedule of what’s going to happen from owner Ty Martin:

Spring has sprung!

Wait, I can do better than that…

“In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.”
-Henry Frickin Rollins

My sentiments exactly, Hank!

So here I sit, reading over last year’s May newsletter, looking for a little inspiration about how to talk about only my favorite event of the whole year – Txakoli Fest. I’m actually getting pretty pumped just thinking about all the cool refreshment those crispy bubbles will bring. Of course, you’ll need some Herculean activity to build a thirst mighty enough for this much wine so we’ve partnered up again with the Zazpiak Bat dancers who’ll smilingly run you ragged as you learn some traditional steps. Since that only covers activity and hydration we should probably throw a whole lamb and some chorizo into the mix so you can make it to round two of the dancing. Houston, we have a party. The details: Saturday, May 2nd, from 2pm-6pm. Tasting flights of Txakolina and cider (sagardoa) will be on offer as well as bottles and glasses, a belly-full of food should run you around $12 and yes, because you asked, Matt and Cassie will be here.


Photo courtesy of Craft


Photo courtesy of Craft