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Getting all Azoka’d

The Azoka is in full swing and as always it is such a riot of activity that it’s a bit hard to keep up. It has been going great: interest in the Center’s books is really high, especially in the Basques in the United States, Basque Explorers in the Pacific Ocean, and Garmendia and the Black Rider. It is also a time to catch up with so many old friends and make new ones. A special treat this year is the presence of Bill Douglass, who is here to celebrate the launch of the Spanish and Basque versions of his Death after Life: Tales of Nevada, published by the Black Rock Institute but distributed in part by the Center. Other highlights for me have been seeing Imanol Murua, my old hiking buddy from his days at UNR and an accomplished journalist, writer, and teacher. Here are a few pics from my first days at the Azoka:

Azoka 2015 CBS Stand

Books, check, posters, check. All ready to go!


Always love to have people perusing our books, especially when there is a real Basque cowboy in the background!


Fifty years of Azoka! So proud to be a part of it!


Poster for our good friend Imanol Murua’s book on the end of ETA.


Outside the Azoka at night. It’s so cool how much of a social event a cultural gathering is here in the Basque Country.


CBS graduate Imanol Murua makes news at Durango Book Fair


Imanol Murua

CBS graduate Imanol Murua has featured prominently at the 2015 Durango Book Fair for his latest book Ekarri armak. ETAren jardun armatuaren bukaeraren kronika (Hand over your arms: A chronicle of the cessation of ETA’s armed activity). The book explores the events that led from the failed Loiola peace initiatives up to the declaration of a permanent ceasefire by ETA in 2011.

Ekarri armak

Imanol was on hand to promote the work in Durango and also took time out to meet with the CBS book editor. He is also in the process of preparing a forthcoming book for the prestigious Routledge publishing house, based on his dissertation, which addresses the end of ETA.

There is an extensive interview and video (in Basque) with Imanol about the new book here.

And see his presentation of the work (in Basque) here.