“Joseba Zulaika’s book, recent Euskadi Prizer Winner in Essay, is a powerful song that tracks the conscience of a generation.” [Side bar text]

The Spanish edition of Joseba Zulaika’s The Old Bilbao Moon continues to make waves after taking home the 2015 Euskadi Prize for Essay. In the Catalonia edition of major Spanish daily newspaper El País, Mercé Ibarz glowingly reviews La vieja luna de Bilbao. Ibarz writes, “its best quality is for me is its expressive and compositional liberty. It is a book of memories and at the same time a an urban psychogeography of the sustained collective desire to change one’s life and one’s city that reads like a novel.” Great praise for a great book!

Congratulations on this great review, and if you haven’t picked up your English copy (or Spanish) you should and you should read this terrific book!