So the 2015 Azoka has been and gone, and once again it’s time to take stock of what it all means to us at the Center. Here are a few pictures and thoughts.

Azoka 2015 art

The art of letters

This year’s Azoka was marked by dry sunny weather, which is great when it comes to lugging books to the venue although some Azoka veterans say that the good weather actually keeps people away, with many other activities to make the most of in the great Basque outdoors, but that’s not the impression we had as a steady stream of people visited the Center’s stand each day.

Azoka 2015 main area

People checking out the Azoka. And this is downtime!

Azoka 2015 outside view

The young woman in traditional Basque dress was handing out free stuff for kids outside, and yes, that really is a cloudless blue sky, in December, in the Basque Country!

It is worth pointing out, though, just how beautiful and dramatic the setting is for the Azoka – certainly tempting enough to combine a little outside activity with a visit to the epicenter of the Basque cultural world during this short, intense period.

IMG_2822 (1)

A panoramic view of the limestone mountains that embrace Durangaldea, the Durango region of Bizkaia

And if you are lucky enough to be able to venture out and about during Azoka time, these are the kinds of views you’re treated to.

Durangaldea 2

A light cloud cover hugs Mount Anboto

For more images of the varied and multiple events that took place at the Azoka, check out its own website’s day-by-day pictorial account here.