Just one example of the thousands of gardens that dot the Basque country from city to countryside.

Well, back in my office from another great Durango Azoka in the books and ready to get started with a whole fresh crop of books for 2016!!!

Speaking of growing, one of the most suprising things for me, a Nevada boy, coming to the Basque Country in December every year is that unfailingly, everywhere, from the tiniest corner of a bit of land in Bilbao to Elorrio, there are vegetables growing. It is a well known fact that the Basques love their cuisine, but I think the passion is no less for growing food. It is just such a strange thing, however, to see it happening in December. Especially when I’m hearing that it’s snowing back home. (And of course, we all hope a ton!)

For some connections to the Basques and the specific handling of the natural world, check out our Sustainable Development, Ecological Complexity, and Environmental Values, edited by Ignacio Ayestaran and Miren Onaindia.