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What is your word for Basque? CBS Advisory Board Meets in March 2018

The William A. Douglass Center for Basque Studies was pleased to welcome its Advisory Board members at its annual meeting, which took place on March 31 in the Basque Conference Room at the University of Nevada Reno. A welcome dinner and cocktails were served the night before at the Louis` Basque Corner. It was great to see our board members again!


On Saturday, the meeting started with the introduction and acknowledgement of visitors, particularly Marc Johnson, President of UNR, and Kevin Carman, Provost. The President and Provost talked about the past achievements and future plans of the University, and the importance of the CBS and the Basque Library for the academic and  community life of the university. A round of introductions followed, whose highlight was when CBS professor Sandy Ott asked participants to say a word that they thought best described Basques in the Basque Country and beyond. Guess what words got most mentions! (scroll down to solution below, at *).

The meeting then proceeded to CBS Director`s Report by Xabier Irujo, including report on the CBS press, which fulfills an important function of publishing Basque research in English. Additional discussions included fund-raising and planned giving, a report on the Jon Bilbao Basque Library by Iñaki Arrieta Baro, questions of board membership, and elections of chairs and vice-chairs for specific task forces. It was a lively and productive meeting! Many thanks for the participants and organizers!




*The winning words of Basque identity were “pride,” “tenacity,” “indarra” (strength), “etxea” (house), “community,” “food, drink and party loving.” No surprise there 🙂 ! What is your word for Basque?




Center’s Advisory Board Welcomes New Members at Annual Meeting


The Center is very proud to welcome new members to the Advisory Board, including Adam Laxalt, pictured above, who was recently sworn in as the Attorney General of the State of Nevada.

The Center’s Advisory Board gathered in Reno for their annual meeting with Center faculty, staff and graduate students this past weekend. Among the much business that was attended to, the board welcomed two new members: Adam Laxalt, the state of Nevada’s new Attorney General, and Annette Bidart, co-founder of the investment firm of Bidart & Ross.

The Center’s Advisory Board is an international group of supporters of the Center that includes the State of Nevada’s superintendent of education, Dale Erquiaga, former president of the University of the Basque Country Pello Salaburu, Center professor emeritus, William A. Douglass, and Nevada Supreme Court Justice Ron Parraguirre. Click here to read full biographies of all Advisory Board Members.

In addition to Center business, the Board also welcomed UNR President Marc Johnson, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts Heather Hardy, and the representative of the Angeles Arrien Foundation, Tenzin Llahdron. The Angeles Arrien Foundation chose the Center this past year as a recipient of an important grant for Intergenerational Literature.