September 8: Basque Diaspora Day

By Kate Camino, for Astero:

Basque Diaspora Day Approaches

Basque GovernmentAs you all may remember, the Basque Government designated September 8th as Diaspora Day last January. The date was chosen after receiving several suggestions from Basques around the world, and because it coincides with the first circumnavigation of the globe, in 1522, by a crew led by Juan Sebastian Elkano who was from Getaria, Gipuzkoa. The hope is, by designating a day dedicated to the Diaspora, activities organized would make the Basque presence around the world more visible. In this its first year, the Basque Government would like to know how your club or Basque community is going to mark this date. Lehendakari Urkullu will be holding his own event at the Lehendakaritza on September 8th where he’d like to share what’s happening around the world. If your Basque club or community is planning an event, please share it with us If you haven’t planned anything yet, you still have time. This video sums it all up “The Basque Country lives in you.” Ondo ospatu!




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  1. Michelle Etchart

    September 5, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    My name is Michelle Etchart, and I live Merritt , British Columbia, Canada. I am of Basque descent, from the province of Navarra, beacuse my father comes from there. I am therefore first generation Canadian with very srtong pwerspful Basque roots and heritage, and a strong sense of pride of who I am. My mother is Mexican but I always identified more with being Basque instead. It has has a stronger pull than anything else I’ve ever known. The video was right . The Basque Country lives powerfully within the hearts of any of us who are Basque, no matter where we live in the world! I can truly atest to that. My Cousin David Maritorena was very involved with NABO many years ago to connect us Basques here in British Columbia, to the whole north American society of Basque culture and people. We have our Vancouver Basque Society here but he thought advantageous to be affiliated with NABO at the time he was involved over 20 years ago, because of opportunities that would come of it. He has since passed away at young age, but his legacy lives on withour family and those that knew him. Zapiak Bat was the name of our society. If anyone would like to e-mail me or contact me, I would be delighted! I want to connect and learn as much as I can on many topics keep the connection going.

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