“Ondare Bizia”  (Living Heritage) is a platform to encourage society to reflect on the historical and social phenomenon of exile, migration, and ultimately return to the Basque Country. The project was founded with the help of  Bizkailab Action Program of the Provincial Government of Bizkaia and the University of Deusto. The coordinators are Pedro J. Oiarzabal, a researcher at the Pedro Arrupe Human Rights Institute, and Nerea Mujika, Director of the Institute of Basque Studies at the University of Deusto. 


Ondare bizia, immigration, exile, return. Images from the Basque Library, UNR

Paul Laxalt and father Dominique travers summer snow pack. Laxalt sheep range in High Sierra. Gus Bundy.

Paul Laxalt and father Dominique traverse summer snow pack. Laxalt sheep range in High Sierra. Gus Bundy. From the Basque Library, UNR

The project seeks to record interviews with people about their experiences. Click here to see a selection of recorded interviews (with subtitles in English) under the heading “Fragments of Our Lives: Exile, Emigration, and Return to Bizkaia.”

To read more about the immigration experiences of one particular Wyoming town, check out Buffalotarrak: An Anthology of the Basques of Buffalo, Wyoming, edited by David Romtvedt (and keep an eye our for David’s new novel, forthcoming this spring) and Dollie Iberlin, and for diaspora experiences in a more urban setting, The Gardeners of Identity: The Basques of the San Francisco Bay Area by Pedro Oiarzabal.