Yesterday, September 21, Basque singer Anne Etchegoyen set out from her home in Donapaleu (Saint-Palais) in Lower Navarre on an 814 kilometer (505 mile) walk to Santiago de Compostela (Galicia), on the so-called Camino de Santiago. There is a short introductory video explaining the idea behind the walk here (in French).


Anne Etchegoyen in concert, Morcenx, November 15, 2014. Photo by Cptcv, via Wikimedia Commons

In Etchegoyen’s own words, quoted in Sud Ouest,  “I need this introspection . . . I felt like leaving, making a break with everyday life, and recharging my batteries, meeting other people, and also crossing paths with artists.” She also hopes to release an album and a film documenting her experiences along the way. “I’m heading off into the unknown, this documentary will allow me to keep track of this experience.” And she is fueling the venture by means of a crowdfunding campaign, funds from which will also go to the Association Landes Madagascar, which promotes developing education, agriculture, and health care in Madagascar and the Projet Vénus, which educates women about screening for breast cancer. For more information on this crowdfunding campaign, click here.

Etchegoyen’s 2013 album Les Voix Basques (Basque voices), in conjunction with the Aizkoa Choir, sold over 60,000 copies in France alone, earning her a gold record there. For a great version of Xabier Lete’s “Xalbadorren heriotzean” (On Xalbador’s death), check out this clip here.

And you can follow her journey at her Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as checking out her photos on Instagram.