Martin Hotel: Second Location in Carson City

Martin Hotel to Add Second Location in Carson City

Martin HotelThe Martin Hotel in Winnemucca will now open a second location in Carson City. The restaurant’s owner, John Arant, told the Nevada Appeal that Carson City and the Martin would make a good match. The Carson venue will feature the same menu as the Winnemucca restaurant, and the dining rooms will also be identical, including photographs by Linda Dufurrena, and paintings by Gordy Glazier and Teddy Swecker. Arant expects to employ 25 people or so at his new locale. More information about the new restaurant is available in this article in the Nevada Appeal. On Egin!


  1. I went to the Martin Hotel in Winnemucca last week. Good place to eat and meet Basques! I went to Carson City to see the new restaurant site. I took lots of pictures. It will be a great new location. It’s nice to see a new Basque restaurant opening.

  2. And Great Basin Arts Entertainment, which books musicians in Winnemucca, is working on lining up music for monthly performances at the Carson City location.

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