Learning How to Eat Like a Basque

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first semester at the Center for Basque Studies.  I have learned a lot about Basque culture, including the rich history of Basque cuisine.  In an attempt to broaden my perspective past an obsession with Basque wine, I decided to indulge my taste buds in a dessert more typical of Iparralde: Gateau Basque.

I stumbled upon this recipe through NPR, where both the cream-filled and the jam-filled versions  are provided.  Since raspberries were on sale, I substituted them in as the jam and they were quite delicious!  However, the cream-filled pastry was my favorite as it couples even better with coffee in my opinion.  And, as mentioned within the recipe attached below, the cakes can be distinguished from each other according to the design on top.  Apparently, the cross-hatch pattern usually indicates that the cake is jam-filled, while the cream-filled version has a cross fashioned on top.

I have to admit, the dessert was a hit at the CBS as we were all fueling up for finals.  Follow the link to create this delicious Basque treat!


To find out more on the history and why the Gateau Basque is so special, click on the link in which Nancy Zubiri at Euskal Kazeta  expounds more on this delicious dessert.


Gateau Basque1

cream-filled Gateau Basque


Gateau Basque

raspberry jam-filled Gateau Basque


  1. Interesting Post on Gateau Basque! Good find something unique and amazing information..

    Thanks for sharing..

  2. The most heavenly Gateau Basque – I dream about it! This can be found at le Petit Gourmet on Yonge Street in Toronto ( near St. Clair) Ontario, Canada. Since I live far from that place now, I am determined to make one at home.

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