Ismael Manterola Ispizua, art history professor at the EHU/UPV

What brings you to the Center for Basque Studies Ismael?

A couple of years ago I presented my project to obtain the Douglass Scholarship. It was a project I had in mind since then.  In fact I decided to publish a book. In recent years I made some progress on the book so I decided that it would be a good idea to consult the Basque Library and applied for USAC scholarship.

Can you tell us what the goal of the project is?

My aim is to finish the book I am writing. The book is about the transmission of values in the twentieth-century art in the Basque Country. I think there are certain values that artists transmitted throughout the twentieth century, from the modern project of the early twentieth-century to the end of the 90s (values like the trend associations, thinking about identity, the link between art and ethical positions, etc.). Basically, it is the research of a kind of an intergenerational continuity or continuities in Basque contemporary art.

What have you accomplished since you arrived?

I am working very hard and I managed to finish some chapters due the rhythm of work you have in the library. In my opinion it is a good place to work. You can work for 8 straight hours at a time and you have all the books you need to hand.

Are you enjoying the U.S.?

Yes, a lot. I am discovering different aspects of American life very quickly. In addition I am in a USAC program and they organize lot of activities to get to know the country better, especially the cultural life you have here. Besides this, summer in Reno is exciting with an interesting cultural program in different places, but especially in downtown: music, art, cinema…