We were pleased to see this great review appear of Javier Echeverria’s book Innovation and Values: A European Perspective in the respected journal the Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas (Spanish Review of Sociological Research). Read the review (in Spanish) here.  The book, part of our Douglass Scholar series, is the result of research that Javier Echeverria conducted while he was here at the Center as the William A. Douglass distinguished scholar.

innovation and values

This important book seeks to understand “innovation,” a rather murky word that suffers from a glut of progandandizing both here and across the Atlantic.  Echeverria tackles the subject by arguing that, rather than solely focusing on R&D processes, true innovation stems from a number of sources that are social, cultural, public, political, and business and combinations of all of the above. In the opinion of the reviewer, and Echeverria, the European communities’ focus solely on R&D is to the detriment of true innovation. Instead, Echeverria argues for a different model of innovation that is based on society, innovation, development, and research.

In summary, the reviewer says:  “El rigor académico mostrado por este trabajo hace que sea una contribución de gran envergadura para el avance del estatus científico de los estudios de innovación y una referencia a la que los interesados en este campo podremos recurrir constantemente en busca de una hoja de ruta para nuestras propias investigaciones y análisis.” (“The academic rigor demonstrated by this work makes it a contribution of great importance for the advancement of the scientific status of innovation studies and a reference that those of us who are interested in the field will return to constantly in search of road map for our own research and analysis.”)

Zorionak Javier on this great review!