Picture: Governor Scott Walker (center) visits the Mondragon Corporation
and Mondragon University while in Spain

Scott Kevin Walker, an American Republican politicians and the 45th governor of Wisconsin, visited the Basque Country and Arrasate-Mondragon on April 17, 2015, during his business tour series in Europe. In the Basque Country, Governor Walker gave a talk at the roundtable discussion organized by the Basque Country’s Trade Investment Agency. During his talk, Governor Walker promoted business opportunities in Wisconsin to executives, directors, and managers of Basque companies. In addition, Governor Walker also met with the Basque Government’s Minister of Economic Development. During the conversation, the two leaders agreed to strengthen the economic and cultural relationship between the State of Wisconsin and the Basques Country. The Governor pointed out that there are strong similarities between the Basque Country and Wisconsin, as both of regions are home to advanced industrial institutions in the fields of energy, aeronautics, and robotics. While visiting Arrasate-Mondragon, Governor Walker was amazed by the economic efficiency that the Mondragon Corporation has achieved in terms of labor-management relationships and labor productivity. It is hoped that Governor Walker can take away some of the Mondragon concept of non-confrontational and cooperative interactions between labor and management and implement the concept in Wisconsin, especially as there is growing research interest about the cooperative movement in Wisconsin.

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