Gemma Martinez and friend enjoy a sunny day on the banks of the Truckee River near Reno.

On May 25, in a two-page long interview by the Bilbao daily Deia, Gemma Martinez discussed her research at the Center for Basque Studies. Having spent three months at the CBS, she just returned home. Gemma is in charge of fiscal policy at the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. The interview discusses her research on the comparisons between the Basque and U.S. fiscal systems. Before leaving, Kate Camino and Manny Villanueva hosted a party for her, attended by the Center’s faculty and students. She plans to be back next year for the conference on Basque fiscal systems. We will miss her.

See the full interview (in Spanish) here.

The Basque Country has, historically, enjoyed a special fiscal status within Spain. This allows the individual Basque provinces to raise their own taxes before jointly negotiating an amount to pay to central government in Madrid. To read more on this special status, which has been described as fiscal federalism, see Basque Fiscal Systems: History, Current Status, and Future Perspectives, edited by Joseba Aggireazkuenaga and Eduardo Alonso Olea.