Anyone interested in the reality of the present-day Northern Basque Country should check out the free-to-view documentary Iparraldea XX1, which looks into several aspects of contemporary culture in the region including music, dance, and surfing. The documentary, in Basque and French with English subtitles, was produced on the initiative of the Basque Cultural Institute and can be viewed here.


Surfing in Biarritz, Lapurdi. Photo by Gaël LE HIR, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re interested in the history and culture of the Northern Basque Country, Igor Ahedo Gurrutxaga’s The Transformation of National Identity in the Basque Country of France, 1789-2006 is a fascinating survey of how national loyalties and identities, that primary sense of belonging people feel to a particular community, have changed over time in Iparralde. Specifically, he charts the resurgence of a new kind of Basque identity with the dawn of the new millennium.

On Iparralde, see also CBS Co-Director Sandra Ott’s The Circle of Mountains: A Basque Shepherding Community and War, Judgment, and Memory in the Basque Borderlands, 1914-1945, as well as Hills of Conflict: Basque Nationalism in France, by James E. Jacob.