On October 9, 1988, Nafarroa Oinez (“Navarre Walking”), the annual festival in favor of the Basque language and supporting Ikastolak (Basque-language primary and secondary education schools), was held in the town of Lesaka (Navarre). This annual celebration was first held in 1981, intending to both foster the Basque language and raise money for the improvement of Basque language teaching schools or the establishment of new ones in Navarre. In 1988, the “Tantirumairu” school in Lesaka organized this event under the following slogan: Euskarari Eutsi, Euskaraz Hezi (“Hold Onto Basque, Be Raised in Basque”). At the event, they raised enough money to build a new teaching facility. Next year, in 1989, the same event was held in Etxarri-Aranatz. As in Navarre, other Basque provinces organized parallel events with the same purpose: in Bizkaia, Ibilaldia (“Walk”); in Gipuzkoa, Kilometroak (“Kilometers”); in Araba, Araba Euskaraz (“Araba in Basque”); and, in the Northern Basque Country, Herri Urrats (“A People’s Step”). These festivities are still celebrated today.


The 1988 “Navarre Walking” logo sticker

The CBS publication Equality, Equity, and Diversity: Educational Solutions in the Basque Country addresses in part the ikastola phenomenon. Download a free copy here.

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