On July 17, 1134, Alfonso I, King of Navarre and Aragon, known as “the Battler,” escaped from Fraga (Huesca), where the Moorish military forces had defeated the Christian army. Despite a series of successful military campaigns in the central Ebro Valley in the years before, Alfonso’s troops had encountered a stronger Almoravid resistance that they had expected in Fraga. Two months after the defeat of Fraga, Alfonso passed away. The succession to the throne resulted in quarrels between different aspirants, which undermined royal government power and weakened its military presence at frontier lines. In turn, the Muslims, although only momentarily, took advantage of this situation to gain back lost territory. Finally, the deceased King’s brother, Ramiro I, became King of Aragon and García Ramírez was crowned King of Navarre. After Alfonso’s death, then, the Kingdoms of Aragon and Navarre were separated.

alfonso battalador

Portrait of Alfonso I

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