Flashback Friday: A Red Winter’s Night

On September 4, 1991, the Basque rock band Negu Gorriak (“Red Winters”) gave a surprise concert at the main young people’s squat –or Gaztetxea– in Bilbao (Bizkaia). Negu Gorriak was a Basque rock band formed in Gipuzkoa, in 1990. Band members included: Fermin Muguruza, lead singer; Iñigo Muguruza, guitar; Kaki Arkarazo, guitar; Mikel Kazalis, on bass; and Mikel Abrego, on drums. They merged together rock, punk, hip hop, and reggae music. In June 1991, the band released its second album entitled Gure Jarrera (“Our Attitude”), to popular aclaim. Negu Gorriak is considered one of the most influential rock bands in the Basque Country. The band dissolved in 1996.

negu gorriak 1

Promotional portrait of Negu Gorriak, 1991. From left, Mikel Kazalis, Kaki Arkarazo, Mikel Abrego, Fermin Muguruza, and Iñigo Muguruza

negu gorriak

From left, Iñigo Muguruza, Kaki Arkarazo, and Fermin Muguruza of Negu Gorriak

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