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Today, July 21, sees the kick-off of Errobiko Festibala, another great festival of sound and spectacle running through July 24 that, shame on us, we failed to include in our previous post on music festivals this summer in the Basque Country.  So by way of an apology let’s celebrate this great gathering, whose slogan “Izan, Erran, Sortu” (Be, Say, Create) we wholeheartedly endorse!

The festival is held in Itsasu, Lapurdi, and this year’s event includes the specially commissioned performance “Antigone Argia” (The Antigone Light), a blend, of music, dance, and rhythm based on Henry Bauchau’s novel Oedipus on the Road.

On the music side, there will be the Greek-inspired folk of Anatoli, formed by Angélique Ionatos and Katerina Fotinaki, some Basque blues and melodic rock courtesy of Joseba Irazoki and Beñat Achiary, the jazz sounds of two trios, one formed by Andy Emler, Claude Tchamitchian, and Eric Echampard, and the other by Sylvain Darrifourcq, Manuel Hermia, and Valentin Ceccaldi, and the headliner of this year’s festival, the singer-songwriter and poet Danyel Waro, from the Indian Ocean island of Réunion. 

The festival closes on Sunday with the singular opportunity to take part in a poetic hike to nearby Mount Mondarrain, a multi-sensory experience that will include improvised music along the way on the part of the artists taking part in the festival.





  1. bienvenido andino

    July 22, 2016 at 12:52 am

    Is there any recent information re the Basques ancestors? Check with my opinion: 12.000 years ago the former Basques, dominating agricultural know-how as well having doministicated the animal, left Mesopotamia, bound the Fertil Crecent and cultivating the former valley of the Black See till, 6.000 had to leave as it was covered by the Mediterranean through the “door” of Marmara pass. Some Basques went to actual Georgia and other to North Spain, looking for a place with important rivers, as the Iberus and other founts…Then they were pusssed to the actual Euskadi.
    Any one crosscheking my opinion?

    • basquebookseditor

      July 22, 2016 at 3:59 pm

      Hi, we appreciate the comment! No one here right now is researching that far back. Thanks for the opinion!

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