One part of American history has been corrupted, concealed, and mythologized. John Curl, the author of a book titled For All the People argues that communalism and the cooperative movement have been systematically buried from U.S. history.  In his book Curl demonstrates how the democratic community based economic model had been a part of U.S. political and economic policy and how it was interwoven with many of the historical transformational events of the country, including cessation from the British Empire, the abolition of slavery, the attainment of women’s suffrage, the workers’ and union rights crusade, and the civil rights movement. Curl also elaborates on how the principle of economic democracy has been in constant opposition to the wealth concentrated capitalism that has created massive disparities in the national distribution of income. Therefore, Curl encourages ordinary citizens to reclaim this lost history by embracing the true character of the American nation that is based on the people, democratic value, and community participation.

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