Under the slogan Topa Gerediaga! (Cheers Gerediaga!), the Gerediaga Association celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in the Astola neighborhood of Abadiño (Bizkaia) on June 7. Gerediaga is an association promoting social and cultural activities in the Durangaldea district, the area in and around the town of Durango, and the organizing body behind the Durango Book Fair, which provides a welcoming home to the CBS and its books every year. Indeed, this year will also see the fiftieth anniversary of the book fair, and the CBS hopes to plan some extra special celebrations to mark this major achievement. So cheers Gerediaga from everyone at the CBS!

To see a report on the event (in Basque), with accompanying photos, click here.  And there’s a video interview (in Basque) with Gerediaga members Jose Luis Lizundia, Jon Irazabal, and our especially good friend Antton Mari Aldekoa-otalora about the association here.