Expelled from Motherland (35)-blog

Dr. Xabier Irujo, left, was, as a child, a member of the Basque exile in Venezuela, an experience that has shaped much of Dr. Irujo’s work.

On December 15th our own Xabier Irujo, along with writer Arantzazu Amezaga Iribarren presented the closing remarks at the 14th International Conference La otra cara de la memoria historica (The other face of historical memory), which took place in various places in Tolosa and Donostia-San Sebastián from December 10–15, 2015. The subject of this years conference was “Hetorodoxias del exilio de 1936” (Heterodoxies of the 1936 exile). Dr. Xabier Irujo’s work on the exile is extensive and the subject of this talk was “Diálogo ondulado: exilio y heterodoxias” (Ondulating dialogue: exile and heterodoxies).

The annual conference is organized by Hamaika Bide Elkartea, an organization aimed at recoving memory of the exile, together with the GEXEL Group of the Autonomous University or Bareclona, together with Deusto University and the University of the Basque Country. The aim of the this year’s conference is to shed light on the forgotten or understudied members of the exile. Read more, in Spanish, here in the Diario Vasco.

Professor Xabier Irujo has published widely on exile and on the Civil War, most recently publishing with the University of Nevada Press Gernika: The Market Day MassacreThe Center he published an extensive history of the Basque exile, Expelled from the Motherland.