Xabier Irujo presents Nieves Pereda, who spoke to the conference on economic theories of fiscal federalism.

On Monday, April 11, the Center hosted a one-day conference on  an international approach to the Basque fiscal system. The conference featured presentations by Mehmet Tosun, the chair of the economics faculty at the UNR College of Business, Gemma Martínez, tax policy senior manager for the province of Bizkaia, Nieves Pereda, deputy director of tax collection for the province of Bizkaia, and Mikel Erkoreka, a doctoral candidate. The conference focused on principles and challenges of “fiscal federalism.”

We were lucky enough to have Gemma with us in 2015, and Nieves is here in 2016, due to an agreement between UNR and the government of Bizkaia that has the common objective of promoting and disseminating research in the international arena on the economic agreement in the Basque Country and its relationship with the current federal tax systems in the United States.



Gemma Martínez presented on principles and fundamentals of the US and Basque fiscal systems.

Readers interested in learning more about this subject should check out Basque Fiscal Sytems: History, Current Status, and Future Perspectives, edited by another recent visiting scholar and friend of the Center, Joseba Aguirreazkuenaga, together with Eduardo Alonso Olea.