Photo Jul 31, 12 18 12 PM

A film captured some treasured moments of BIll’s career.

Photo Jul 31, 12 14 19 PM

The room was packed for the presentation and reception. All photos and video by Kerri Lesh.

We were so proud and honored to celebrate with our founder and professor emeritus Bill Douglass as he was honored in a very touching way at the reception presented for Basques in the United States at the Boise Centre Convention Center on the Friday before Jaialdi kicked off. We well know the contributions that Bill Douglass has made to Basque culture but it was still a great moment to see him honored. (And if you’d like to learn more, read his entertaining biography, William A. Douglass: Mr. Basque by Miel Elustondo.)

The award was presented by the Minister of Culture of the Basque Government, Christina Uriarte Toledo. Here is a short video from the presentation!