The November 2015 Akademia Music Award for best album in the dance/electronica category has gone to Gose (Hunger), a three-piece trikitixa/techno/punk group from Arrasate-Mondragón, Gipuzkoa, with Ines Osinaga on vocals and trikitixa (the two-row diatonic accordion, also spelled trikitia or trikitrixa), Iñaki Bengoa on percussion and programming, and Osoron on guitar and bass. The award is for the album, Gose IIIII, and in the words of Akademia,”Demonstrating uncommon compositional skill and versatility, Gose has created an impressive collection of diverse and original dance electronica grooves.”

Gose 1

Gose in action. Photo by Saioa Cabañas, at Flickr.

Since its formation in 2004, Gose has been pushing the boundaries of the traditional trikitixa sound in Basque music. The group also incorporates elements of electro-jazz, Argentinian tango, and Brazilian percussion into its repertoire and is a firm favorite on the live Basque music scene with its highly charged performances. Check out videos by the band for the songs “Naizena izateko” (To be who I am) and “Hey Boy!!

Zorionak Gose!