A flamenco aurresku

Check out this great video of a highly innovative, flamenco-style interpretation of the traditional Basque aurresku dance.

This was originally the idea of saxophonist Josetxo Goia-Aribe, who was seeking to break down the conventional barriers of musical styles and interpretations. This is just one of five video dance performances, all interpreting the aurresku in different and challenging ways.

See more on how this came about through this article (in Spanish) at the website of the newspaper Noticias de Navarra.


  1. I’m a half-breed, half Basque, who has just discovered my heritage. I have watched only the first of these “interpretations” of the Basque Aurresku dance and would like to comment. Fun though this particular interpretation is, it does not seem to me to have anything to do with the actual dance, but is a typical flamenco response to or interaction with the music only, in this case, a jazz take on the very typical Basque aurresku tune. I saw nothing of the Basque aurresku dance in this flamenco “interpretation”—nothing at all. In fact, the dance misses the entire point of the lightfooted and more delicate Basque aurresku dance. I’d love to hear a response to my take on this.

    • katu

      October 1, 2018 at 10:02 am

      Thanks for your comments! I’m not an expert in dance but I see your point. I guess, too, that the point of a performance like this is to challenge traditional interpretations, present something new, and leave it up to spectators to judge whether it works or not. It would be great, though, to get other people’s opinions, especially those involved in Basque dance.

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